Ready to sell more efficiently with
B2B E-Commerce?

Say goodbye to endless POs and DOs! Sell more efficiently with a system that automates it all – Wholesale Orders, Tiered Pricing, MOQs and more.


Ready to sell more efficiently?

Say goodbye to endless POs and DOs! Sell more efficiently with a system that automates it all – Wholesale Orders, Tiered Pricing, MOQs and more.

B2B Commerce

Does this describe your business?

Your Business Redefined


A platform that's distinctly yours. Customised branding on the login page and key parts of the site's front end to reflect your business in terms of look and feel.


Don't want your products and prices exposed to the public? Have the option to allow only pre-approved business users to access your site.

Role Based

Need different customers to see different prices? Need certain products to be hidden from certain groups of customers? We've got you covered.

Min/Max Order

Have the ability to stipulate minimum and maximum order quantities (MOQs) for different products and customers.

Shipping &
Payment Terms

Set different shipping/delivery methods and different payment terms for all your customer groups with ease.

Product Import
via CSV

Updating products doesn't have to be a pain with our bulk import/export tool. Organise in excel and one click does the trick.

Invoice Payment

Facilitate invoice payments with payment terms and RFQs (Request For Quote) with our Invoice Payment Gateway.

Easy Reordering

Make repeat orders easily with our one-click reordering system. Past orders are saved so you can add them to your RFQ easily.

Order Forms

Let your customers order even more quickly if they know exactly what products or SKUs they are searching for.

Case Study

The Problem

Mitsui & Co. Global Logistics (Asia) Pte. Ltd. is an international company that provides traditional end-to-end logistics solutions. When Covid hit, they realised that the business landscape would change drastically and decided to pivot quickly by adding B2B E-Commerce and last mile logistics to their suite of services.

The Solution

We worked with them to build a wholesale/distributor platform that could handle trade orders from their various partners. The B2B E-Commerce site boasts customised client branding, a restricted access platform, role based pricing, the ability to handle different minimum and maximum order quantities, different delivery methods and payment terms, bulk product upload, the ability to handle invoices, an easy reordering system and bulk order forms.

You're in Good Company

Schedule A Free Consultation

Schedule A Free Consultation


From the time we receive all your requirements, it will take approximately 6-8 weeks for a full working first draft. From there, we will make changes based on your feedback.

Yes, you have the option to allow only pre-approved clients to access your website using their approved email address and password.

Yes, our system has the ability to show different prices and discounts to different customers. When your customer logs in, he will automatically see the price that you have assigned him, you can also hide certain products from his view and control the min/max order quantity.

Not at all, uploading or updating products to the system can be done via excel with a simple one-click upload.

Yes, we provide website maintenance on retainer to ensure your site continues to work well and manage things like site security, patches and updates.

You will also be given a whole set of comprehensive step-by-step guides to show you and your team how to manage your orders and use the backend.